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Aspiring Cuckold
Aspiring Cuckold
United States
Aspiring Cuckold
nv/las vegas/clark
United States
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United States
LatinaQT (Hotwife)
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Would you like to feel my cock deep and hard in your tight little asian pussy while you suck my sporty black friend Rife from Senegal!?? Would you smell and taste our Sex-Cocktail!? Book and cum to Mallorca!
2018-02-21 14:38:47
Hey Latina, did you find a good bull? Ed
2017-04-30 20:38:24
Hi i am a real bull. 7.5+ dik, i like giving full oral to my lady in bed. i like giving 3sm and grp sx to deserving cuckold couple and hotgals together. if interested in real leave yor contact details in my msg box. If you looking some hot dik7.5+ sexy man for palying hard and sucking deep on yo lady pussy .. i am interested to be with you friendly. i like it tastefully..
2015-08-13 08:52:04
Hi QT, I will be in AZ in a few weeks
2014-12-19 23:12:21
You are so hot!
2014-11-06 02:03:57
Happy New Year to you gorgeous xx
2014-01-21 23:12:26
Damn sounds you are quite the cockslut, would love to see you in action next time I'm in Phoenix to visit my brother.
2013-09-16 14:45:37
very beautiful lady.loved your pics
2013-07-23 02:47:42
You are amazing!
2013-04-11 22:07:01
Damn you are looking good girl!!!
2013-01-11 15:26:41
thanks for the comment sexy... do u ever com to WA? i want u ...
2013-01-11 11:05:29
I had a hot threesome last night. I had sex with a gorgeous guy named Wiland a tall, Married blonde named Kate. I made my boyfriend sleep on the couch,while the three of us fucked on the bed in my one-room efficiency. Kate was cheating on her Husband, and I basically cuckolded my BF, with the same guy. WoW, FUCKIN STUD.

I'm not even sure how it started, I was drunk and kinda high. All I really remember is Kate and I , totally naked, on all fours on my bed, with Wil fucking us in turn. She looks at me and asks "Is your boyfriend gonna join us?" I shook my head and asked "Do you want him too?" She says "No... not really.." We laughed and then started kissing.

The next thing I remember is 69ing with her while Wil fucked me in the ass, I had an AWESOME orgasm befor he came in my ass. I finished giving Kate hers before she and I went back to work getting will hard and ready to fuck some more. Kate blew him while I licked his ass. We continued to mix it up pretty much all night, but I'm alittle hazy on the details. WoW though! It was insanely hot!
2013-01-11 09:17:39
mitchch Clearly the b/f is as his subserviant behaviour tells you. You are a delecious sexy slut latinaQT and I'll bet not so QT when cucking him.
2013-01-16 07:09:24
2014-10-24 12:55:08
2016-10-07 22:22:14
like muscular italians?
2013-01-08 12:17:22
LatinaQT definitely baby :)
2013-01-11 04:32:44
Wow. You are beautiful and incredibly sexy. I would love to pleasure you and caress that beautiful ass.
2012-11-25 05:11:49 are ridiculously,beautiful...
2012-09-02 04:33:05
LatinaQT thanx!
2013-01-11 05:50:30
Thank you for the Ad, QT and thanks for the friend-add :)
2012-07-29 19:11:50
LatinaQT Thanks sexy!
2013-01-11 04:33:19
Welcome to the Hub x
2012-07-26 08:37:20
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